Revanta Sarabhai

Revanta is an independent performer, choreographer, multimedia designer and filmmaker. Having made his solo Indian classical dance-debut at age 8, he has been performing professionally and touring internationally with the India-based Darpana Performance Group since 1999. Currently, Revanta lives and works between Europe and India, combining his classical dance training with a contemporary practice to create cutting-edge work that is honest, immersive, and relevant to the society and times we live in.

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Dancer / Choreographer

Over the years, Revanta has collaborated with several international dancers and choreographers. He was lead dancer in The Pearl (2006) with choreographer Marcelo Reuda (Columbia), and Unfixed (2007) with Dianne Reid (Australia). As a choreographer, Revanta collaborated with New York based composer Joel Thome to choreograph Savitri: Flame of the Future (2008), and with Australian sound designer Josh Hogan on Naada (2009). He has performed for the Sawai Gandharva festival in Pune, Nalanda Nrityotsav in Mumbai, the International Dance Festival Birmingham and the Indian Visions festival in Den Haag. He also premiered two new contemporary dance solos as part of the Alchemy Festival at the Southbank Centre in London in April 2011. Revanta recently co-choreographed his first major ensemble work with Australian choreographer Liz Lea based on Tagore’s songs of the seasons. Ritu Chakra is toured nationally in India in early 2012.

His first feature length work, LDR, toured in Holland in 2012 and was presented at the Europalia Festival in Brussles in 2014. He has been commissioned by the Korzo Theatre in the Netherlands to create three works that were presented at the Cadance Festival for Modern Dance and their annual India Dans Festival in 2012, 13 and 14. His latest—and first major ensemble—work, RU/APTURE, premiered in December 2014 at the InterArt festival. Revanta was also invited to showcase his new work at the Attakkalari India Biennial in February 2015.



Revanta made his theatrical debut playing the Sutradhar in the classical Gujarati play Ashwamedh at age 13. Since then he has played a number of parts in various theatrical productions including The Conference of the Birds (1999), The Dancing Princesses (2004), and Unsuni: Unheard Voices (2006). In 2007, Revanta played a leading role in Phedre, a play directed by French director Astrid Bas, which was performed at the National School of Drama festival in 2008. He made his television debut as an actor in the television series Aganpankhi on TARA Television in 2000. He has designed the lighting for a considerable number of Darpana’s dance and theatre productions over the last ten years, including Mallika Sarabhai’s Cityscapes (1999) and Betty Bernhard’s The Leopard (2000).

In 2008-09, Revanta worked closely with threatre director Arvind Gaur and played the lead in two new productions, Sunheri Ashayien and Ahmedabad ki Aurat Bhali: Ramkali, an Indian adaptation of Brecht’s Good woman of Szechwan. Revanta has also acted in two short films, Dawn (2010) and Desperate (2009), broadening his scope as an actor playing diverse roles. In 2011, he shared the lead role of Rabindranath Tagore with veteran actor Tom Alter in Darpana’s theatrical production With Love… Finding Rabi Thakur.