Questions on the origins of the universe have for centuries been a topic of great debate among fields as diverse as Science, Cosmology, Philosophy, Literature, the Arts and Religion. In attempts to comprehend the beginnings and the unfolding behaviour of our cosmos, human expertise has all too often faced a limit in understanding, in perceiving, and in imagining its complexities. As the world trembles with an immense scale of natural catastrophe and human violence, Ellipse sets forth using the dancing body as a conductor of the universe within and without—as an ever-changing system that we are profoundly linked to, while consciously falling into the black holes of “not knowing” as well as tuning into belief systems that defy modern rationality.

As choreographer Revanta Sarabhai takes a journey into the many layers of our cosmos, Ellipse acts as an intersection between rational thought and faith, allowing us to imagine beyond the limits of bodily knowing.

Choreography by Revanta Sarabhai
Original Music from Brian Eno’s Small Craft on a Milk Sea and Apollo
Additional music and arrangement by Sarathy Korwar and Revanta Sarabhai
Vocals by Jayan Nair
Audio snippets from Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time

Performed by Anuradha Pancham, Devika Parbhoesing, Indu Panday and Usha Kanagasabai

Photos by Maurice Haak


Behind the Scenes of ELLIPSE — a documentary by Jan De Hartog


Made at:KORZO Productions Logo
Premiered at:Cadance_logo

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