Home Stories

Global migration is at its highest ever as the world is seeing an unprecedented number of people move home every day, whether in pursuit of bigger dreams and adventure, or purely in order to survive. With thousands of people moving to London every year in search of a new life, Home Stories takes us on a journey from exhilarating new beginnings to the mundane rhythm of routines, in an exploration of new identity and the struggle to redefine what we call home.

Featuring an evocative score by Sarathy Korwar and music from his East-London band Portakal, dancer/choreographer Revanta Sarabhai brings us up close to the fragility and flux of domestic life in the twenty-first century and the uncertainty that has become intrinsic to the ever-changing lives of this generation.

Concept, Choreography, Direction & Performance: Revanta Sarabhai
Music: Sarathy Korwar and Portakal
Dramaturgy: Amanda Fromell
Lighting Design: Antony Hateley
Publicity Photos: Sarah Drouet


Made at:Richmix_logo            
Co-produced by:KORZO Productions Logo
Supported by:Akademi - South Asian Dance UK

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