“[LDR] is innovative and has fresh appeal. For the next 1 hour 10 minutes, the audience is treated to fun, laughter, sorrow, joy, anxiety, pain… as Revanta explores the complexities of long-distance relationships.”
-Tanya Roy, Sakaal Times

“Sarabhai pulls much out of the closet – even video messages in Facebook-style, where others talk about their loved ones – but particularly nice is how he uses dance. He uses movement – in short solos, in fact very traditional, on poetry and emotion transfer. On the other hand, he breaks the sign language of Bharatanatyam open and mixes it with gestures of telephoning and typing. Of sacred respect, he has no problems.”
-Mirjam van der Linden, De Volkskraant

About the show
Integrating dance, theatre, text and video – LDR explores the nature of long distance relationships through their myriad complexities and disjunctions, whilst dealing with a fundamental question: how can we find togetherness when living apart and on the move? An affective soundscape layers the interplay of text and movement with a multitude of ‘voices’ that speak of waiting, desire and the silence in between separation.
Visit the LDR microsite here.


LDR Performance Stills (photos: Robert Benschop)

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