Out Of Bounds

“a modern-classical pas de deux which could easily be as seen at the Nederlands Dans Theater… Choreographer Sarabhai, and artistic director Spreksel use the tradition, but also go a long way from it… providing a beautiful variegated piece”
-Dick van Teylingen, Theatrekrant

About the show
In Out of Bounds
Revanta Sarabhai and Pooja Purohit pose the question: what happens when you dissect Bharatanatyam to its core. The two dancers look for a new narrative, while their bodies still carry traces of the past. We see, in three chapters, a man and a woman transform the pure form of their dance to a story about relationships.

Choreography Revanta Sarabhai
Direction Leo Spreksel
Performance Revanta Sarabhai & Pooja Purohit
Music arrangement Stijn van Strien with music by Manikandan Nair
Light design Bas Visser

Photos by Robert Benschop

Made at:KORZO Productions Logo
Premiered at:Korzo India Dans Festival

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