The Story of Eklavya

The Story of Eklavya: Photo by Andrew GarrettFrom this adaptation of the Indian epic, The Mahabharata, comes the story of a boy determined to learn archery. Rejected by the great guru Drona, Eklavya builds a clay idol of him and prays to it as he practises on his own. His skill as an archer brings him to the attention of Drona who asks of Eklavya the ultimate sacrifice. What unfolds is apowerful tale of influence, morality, honour and humility.

Adapted, choreographed & directed by Revanta Sarabhai
Music by Jim Hamilton
Lighting by Angelo Anastasio

The Story of Eklavya was first performed as part of Revanta Sarabhai’s Junior Multimedia Studio Class at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, on April 29 and 30, 2005. Revanta was later invited to perform at the Philadelphia Live Arts and Fringe Festivals in September 2005 at the Christ Church Neighborhood House.

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