Unsuni (Unheard Voices)

Stepping away from Darpana’s strong tradition of Indian Classical and Contemporary dance, director Mallika Sarabhai decided to use the popular genre of Bollywood song and dance to thread together the 5 stories in her latest theatre production, Unsuni. Mallika felt that if there was one culture that connected the masses of India, including everyone from the high flying executive to the homeless beggar on the streets, it was that of the films. Revanta used dancing from popular Bollywood songs as inspiration and choreographed the 5 songs that connect each story with the next in the play. Apart from choreographing the dancing in the show, Revanta also acts in all five stories and plays the role or Jatin, one of the five lead characters.

About the show
Unsuni is a physical, musical theatre piece based on Harsh Mander’s book Unheard Voices. It gives voice to five of India’s millions of voiceless people through a series of monologues. These are the marginalized, the unseen; these are the real lives of the faces and hands of the beggars knocking at our car window at the traffic light, or the children running across the street delivering chai to the offices.

In an energy packed performance, you meet people who have confronted life on their own terms but have never accepted fate lying down. These are stories of struggle and courage. And of victories.

Concept, Script and Direction by Mallika Sarabhai
Translation into Hindi by Arvind Gaur
Lyrics by Tushar Shukla
Choreography by Revanta Sarabhai
Music by Nisarg Trivedi, K. Jayan, Jitin & Amit Vaishnav 
Lighting by Yadavan Chandran

Produced by:
Supported by:

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